1. Male
2. Gentleman
3. Fellow
4. Bloke
5. Chap
6. Lad
7. Buck
8. Dude
9. Gent
10. He
11. Geezer
12. Gentelman
13. Guy
14. Male human
15. Man-about-town
16. Human
17. Homo sapien
18. Male person
19. Homo
20. Homo sapiens sapiens
21. Dude-man
22. Bro
23. Lad-man
24. Homo erectus
25. Homo sapiens neanderthalensis
26. Homo habilis
27. Homo heidelbergensis
28. Homo rhodesiensis
29. Homo antecessor
30. Homo rudolfensis

Finding the right synonym for the word “mann” can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or other words for mann, there are plenty of options to choose from. From “male” and “gentleman” to “homo sapiens sapiens” and “homo rudolfensis”, there are a variety of synonyms for mann that can be used in any situation. Whether you’re writing a paper or looking for a creative way to express yourself, these synonyms can help you find the perfect word. With a wide variety of synonyms available, you’ll never be stuck for words again.