Synonyms for Manipulate:

1. Operate
2. Control
3. Direct
4. Govern
5. Influence
6. Adjust
7. Move
8. Operate
9. Work
10. Adjust
11. Influence
12. Regulate
13. Alter
14. Change
15. Command
16. Twist
17. Bend
18. Deceive
19. Pull
20. Twist
21. Force
22. Adjust
23. Influence
24. Deceive
25. Push
26. Compel
27. Operate
28. Govern
29. Direct
30. Handle

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «manipulate», it is important to look for words that have similar meanings. Some of the most common synonyms for manipulate include operate, control, direct, govern, influence, adjust, move, work, alter, change, command, twist, bend, deceive, pull, force, push, compel, and handle. All of these words have similar meanings to manipulate and can be used in place of the word manipulate in order to provide more variety and clarity in communication. Whether you are looking for other words for manipulate in order to make your writing more interesting or you need to find the best ideas for synonyms for manipulate in order to communicate more effectively, these words are sure to provide you with the variety and clarity you need.