Synonyms for Magistrates:
1. Judges
2. Jurists
3. Justices
4. Arbitrators
5. Umpires
6. Referees
7. Mediators
8. Adjudicators
9. Regulators
10. Arbiters
11. Assessors
12. Magistracy
13. Legalists
14. Governors
15. Mandarins
16. Prefects
17. Juridicals
18. Wardens
19. Constables
20. Custodians
21. Magisterial
22. Controllers
23. Mags
24. Commissioners
25. Executives
26. Administrators
27. Superintendents
28. Executrix
29. Magister
30. Magistral

Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult. When it comes to finding synonyms for the word «magistrates», it is important to consider the best ideas. There are many different words that can be used to describe magistrates, including judges, jurists, justices, arbitrators, umpires, referees, mediators, and adjudicators. Other words for magistrates include regulators, arbiters, assessors, magistracy, legalists, governors, mandarins, prefects, juridicals, wardens, constables, custodians, magisterial, controllers, mags, commissioners, executives, administrators, superintendents, executrix, magister, and magistral. No matter what words you choose, they are sure to convey the same meaning.