Synonyms for MAGICAL:

1. Spellbinding
2. Enchanting
3. Miraculous
4. Supernatural
5. Mysterious
6. Mystical
7. Marvelous
8. Charmed
9. Spectacular
10. Fantastic
11. Incredible
12. Extraordinary
13. Unbelievable
14. Astonishing
15. Magical
16. Witchcraft
17. Witchy
18. Sorcery
19. Hexing
20. Hypnotic
21. Witching
22. Bewitching
23. Witchlike
24. Sorcerous
25. Beguiling
26. Hypnotizing
27. Magick
28. Thaumaturgic
29. Thaumaturgy
30. Magus

Finding the perfect word to describe something magical can be difficult. Whether you’re writing a story, poem, or essay, having a list of synonyms for magical can be a great resource. Here are some of the best ideas when it comes to finding synonyms for magical. Spellbinding, enchanting, miraculous, supernatural, mysterious, mystical, marvelous, charmed, spectacular, fantastic, incredible, extraordinary, unbelievable, astonishing, magical, witchcraft, witchy, sorcery, hexing, hypnotic, witching, bewitching, witchlike, sorcerous, beguiling, hypnotizing, magick, thaumaturgic, thaumaturgy, and magus are all wonderful words to use when describing something magical. Keep this list handy when you’re looking for the perfect word to describe something extraordinary.