Synonyms for Magic:
1. Sorcery
2. Witchcraft
3. Enchantment
4. Spell
5. Miracle
6. Mysticism
7. Sleight of hand
8. Illusion
9. Conjuring
10. Necromancy
11. Thaumaturgy
12. Voodoo
13. Mystic arts
14. Wizardry
15. Prestidigitation
16. Charms
17. Incantation
18. Hex
19. Hexing
20. Divination
21. Alchemy
22. Spellbinding
23. Presto
24. Abracadabra
25. Potions
26. Talismans
27. Incense
28. Supernatural
29. Mystic powers
30. Dark arts

When you are looking for another word for magic, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for the best ideas or just a few synonyms, you can find the perfect words to use. Some of the best synonyms for magic include sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment, spell, miracle, mysticism, sleight of hand, illusion, conjuring, necromancy, thaumaturgy, voodoo, wizardry, prestidigitation, charms, incantation, hex, hexing, divination, alchemy, spellbinding, presto, abracadabra, potions, talismans, incense, supernatural, mystic powers, and dark arts. Each of these words offers a unique and powerful way to describe the mysterious and powerful force of magic.