1. African Island
2. Malagasy Republic
3. Red Island
4. Big Island
5. Indian Ocean Country
6. Ile Rouge
7. Fourth Largest Island
8. Republic of Madagascar
9. The Great Red Island
10. The Great Island
11. The Island of the Moon
12. The Land of the Lemurs
13. The Red Island
14. The Pirate Island
15. The African Island
16. The Malagasy Island
17. The Indian Ocean State
18. The African Republic
19. The African State
20. The Indian Ocean Country
21. The East African Island
22. The African Outpost
23. The Island of Lemurs
24. The African Eden
25. The African Paradise
26. The Island of Cloves
27. The Island of the Sun
28. The Island of Spices
29. The Island of the Merina
30. The Island of the Sakalava

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