1. Apparatus
2. Equipment
3. Contraption
4. Gadget
5. Device
6. Engine
7. Instrument
8. Implement
9. Tool
10. System
11. Mechanism
12. Rig
13. Gear
14. Appurtenance
15. Implement
16. Gizmo
17. Artifice
18. Contraption
19. Device
20. Utensil
21. Appliance
22. Works
23. Plant
24. Unit
25. Installation
26. Set-up
27. Array
28. Assembly
29. Unit
30. Outfit

Searching for synonyms for the word “machinery” can be difficult. Whether you’re writing a paper or simply looking for a better way to describe a particular piece of equipment, having a list of other words to choose from can be incredibly helpful. Here are some of the best ideas for other words for “machinery”: apparatus, equipment, contraption, gadget, device, engine, instrument, implement, tool, system, mechanism, rig, gear, appurtenance, gizmo, artifice, utensil, appliance, works, plant, unit, installation, set-up, array, assembly, outfit. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for “machinery”, you’ll never have to worry about running out of words to describe the equipment you’re talking about.