Synonyms for the word «LUNAR»:
1. Moonlike
2. Selenian
3. Phases of the Moon
4. Synodic
5. Moonstruck
6. Cyclic
7. Lunar cycle
8. Moonlit
9. Moony
10. Synodic month
11. Synodic period
12. Synodic revolution
13. Moon-based
14. Lunisolar
15. Lunar month
16. Lunation
17. Moonshine
18. Lunar year
19. Lunar phase
20. Lunar eclipse
21. Lunar day
22. Moon phase
23. Lunar calendar
24. Lunar geography
25. Lunar map
26. Lunar surface
27. Lunation period
28. Lunar eclipse cycle
29. Lunar orbit
30. Lunar cycle year

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