1. Magnate
2. Monarch
3. Potentate
4. Emperor
5. Sovereign
6. Aristocrat
7. Autocrat
8. Tycoon
9. Prince
10. Grandee
11. Master
12. Noble
13. Czar
14. Lord
15. Baron
16. King
17. Regent
18. Patrician
19. Maharaja
20. Magnifico
21. Grand
22. Dictator
23. Caeser
24. Grandmaster
25. Viceroy
26. Maestro
27. Despot
28. Illustrious
29. Monarchist
30. Eminence

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «LUDWIG»? Look no further! Here is a comprehensive list of 30 synonyms for the word «LUDWIG» that can help you express yourself more clearly. From «Magnate» and «Monarch» to «Grandmaster» and «Viceroy,» there are many other words for «LUDWIG» that you can use to make your writing more interesting. Whether you are looking for a synonym for a formal occasion or a more casual one, this list of ideas has you covered. With these synonyms, you can find the perfect word to express exactly what you want to say.