1. Satan
2. The Devil
3. Beelzebub
4. Mephistopheles
5. The Prince of Darkness
6. Old Nick
7. Belial
8. Abaddon
9. The Wicked One
10. The Accuser
11. The Father of Lies
12. The Tempter
13. The Great Deceiver
14. The Evil One
15. Diabolos
16. Apollyon
17. The Dragon
18. The Adversary
19. Old Scratch
20. Old Harry
21. The Enemy
22. The Foul Fiend
23. The Prince of Hell
24. The Demon
25. The Fallen Angel
26. The Morning Star
27. The Deceiver
28. The Chief of Sinners
29. The Chief of Devils
30. The Destroyer

Are you looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «Lucifer»? We’ve got you covered! Here is a list of 30 different words and phrases that can be used as synonyms for Lucifer. These include Satan, The Devil, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, The Prince of Darkness, Old Nick, Belial, Abaddon, The Wicked One, The Accuser, The Father of Lies, The Tempter, The Great Deceiver, The Evil One, Diabolos, Apollyon, The Dragon, The Adversary, Old Scratch, Old Harry, The Enemy, The Foul Fiend, The Prince of Hell, The Demon, The Fallen Angel, The Morning Star, The Deceiver, The Chief of Sinners, The Chief of Devils, and The Destroyer. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for Lucifer, you can find the perfect word to fit your needs!