1. Affectionate
2. Tender
3. Fond
4. Devoted
5. Ardent
6. Passionate
7. Devotional
8. Adoring
9. Amorous
10. Sympathetic
11. Caring
12. Attentive
13. Kind
14. Doting
15. Intimate
16. Considerate
17. Admiring
18. Fervent
19. Affectionate
20. Tender-hearted
21. Amative
22. Endearing
23. Devout
24. Tenderhearted
25. Amicable
26. Sympathizing
27. Amiable
28. Charitable
29. Gentle
30. Loving-kindness

Are you searching for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “loving”? Look no further! Here are 30 other words for “loving” that can be used in place of the word. These synonyms include affectionate, tender, fond, devoted, ardent, passionate, devotional, adoring, amorous, sympathetic, caring, attentive, kind, doting, intimate, considerate, admiring, fervent, affectionate, tender-hearted, amative, endearing, devout, tenderhearted, amicable, sympathizing, amiable, charitable, gentle, and loving-kindness. Whether you are writing a poem, a love letter, or a story, these synonyms for “loving” can help you express your feelings in a unique and meaningful way.