1. Monarch
2. King
3. Ruler
4. Sovereign
5. Potentate
6. Emperor
7. Majestic
8. Liege
9. Suzerain
10. Prince
11. Chief
12. Dominator
13. Commander
14. Governor
15. Master
16. Nobleman
17. Overlord
18. Patron
19. Patriarch
20. Regent
21. Autocrat
22. Commander-in-chief
23. Noble
24. Tycoon
25. Czar
26. Lordly
27. Lordling
28. Lordkin
29. Lordliness
30. Lordly

When trying to find synonyms for the word “LORD”, the best ideas are to think of words that are related to power, authority, and nobility. A monarch, king, ruler, and sovereign are all words that are synonymous with the word “LORD” and denote a person with a high rank or a position of authority. Other words that can be used to replace the word “LORD” include potentate, emperor, majestic, liege, suzerain, prince, chief, dominator, commander, governor, master, nobleman, overlord, patron, patriarch, regent, autocrat, commander-in-chief, noble, tycoon, czar, lordly, lordling, lordkin, lordliness, and lordly. All of these words refer to someone who holds a high rank or position of authority.