1. Coil
2. Curve
3. Circle
4. Ouroboros
5. Winding
6. Meander
7. Twirl
8. Swirl
9. Whorl
10. Recurve
11. Helix
12. Corkscrew
13. Gyre
14. Gyrate
15. Swivel
16. Spin
17. Volute
18. Roll
19. Revolve
20. Serpentine
21. Coiling
22. Circumnavigate
23. Gyration
24. Perambulate
25. Rotate
26. Circulate
27. Labyrinth
28. Spire
29. Reel
30. Corbel

When it comes to finding other words for “loop”, there are a variety of ideas to consider. While some may think of a coil or curve, others might imagine a circle or ouroboros. For a more creative take, “winding”, “meander”, “twirl”, or “swirl” might come to mind. Other words for loop include “whorl”, “recurve”, “helix”, “corkscrew”, “gyre”, and “gyrate”. To further explore the concept, “swivel”, “spin”, “volute”, “roll”, “revolve”, “serpentine”, “coiling”, and “circumnavigate” can be used. For a more unique take, “gyration”, “perambulate”, “rotate”, “circulate”, “labyrinth”, “spire”, “reel”, and “corbel” may be the best ideas. No matter which words are chosen, the concept of a loop is sure to be conveyed.