1. Appearance
2. Facade
3. Visage
4. Aspect
5. Countenance
6. Gaze
7. Glance
8. Expression
9. View
10. Glimpse
11. Sight
12. Facial features
13. Gawk
14. Contemplate
15. Peek
16. Ogle
17. Stare
18. Examine
19. Inspect
20. Survey
21. Observe
22. Perception
23. Glare
24. Gape
25. Peruse
26. Survey
27. Scrutinize
28. Assess
29. Mull over
30. Contemplate

Finding the right synonyms for the word «looks» can be a challenge. When you need to find the best ideas for other words for «looks», a good place to start is by looking at words that are related in meaning. Some of the best synonyms for «looks» include words like appearance, facade, visage, aspect, countenance, gaze, glance, expression, view, glimpse, sight, facial features, gawk, contemplate, peek, ogle, stare, examine, inspect, survey, observe, perception, glare, gape, peruse, survey, scrutinize, assess, mull over, and contemplate. These words all have similar meanings to «looks» and can be used to accurately convey the same idea.