1. Credits
2. Advances
3. Financing
4. Mortgages
5. Capital
6. Funds
7. Allowances
8. Endowments
9. Subsidies
10. Contributions
11. Donations
12. Grants
13. Subventions
14. Subsidizations
15. Borrowings
16. Debentures
17. Obligations
18. Securities
19. Lends
20. Loans
21. Endorsements
22. Indorsements
23. Sponsorships
24. Investment
25. Subscriptions
26. Underwritings
27. Endorsements
28. Indorsements
29. Backings
30. Backers

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word “loans”, there are many options to consider. This list of 30 words provides an array of other words for “loans” that can be used in a variety of contexts. From “credits” and “advances” to “donations” and “subsidies”, this list of synonyms for the word “loans” offers a wide range of alternatives to choose from. These words can be used to create a more diverse and interesting vocabulary, as well as to provide more specific and accurate descriptions of different financial transactions. Whether you need to describe a loan, a mortgage, or a grant, this list of synonyms for the word “loans” can help you find the best words to use.