1. Small
2. Miniature
3. Tiny
4. Diminutive
5. Petite
6. Bantam
7. Teeny
8. Minuscule
9. Peewee
10. Infinitesimal
11. Pint-sized
12. Teensy
13. Minute
14. Microscopic
15. Nanoscopic
16. Itsy-bitsy
17. Teenty-weeny
18. Diminished
19. Shrunken
20. Lesser
21. Reduced
22. Short
23. Insignificant
24. Negligible
25. Fractional
26. Vestigial
27. Piddling
28. Trivial
29. Scarce
30. Exiguous

Are you looking for synonyms for the word “little”? We have the best ideas and other words for “little” that you can use to add variety to your writing. Here are some of the top synonyms for “little”: small, miniature, tiny, diminutive, petite, bantam, teeny, minuscule, peewee, infinitesimal, pint-sized, teensy, minute, microscopic, nanoscopic, itsy-bitsy, teenty-weeny, diminished, shrunken, lesser, reduced, short, insignificant, negligible, fractional, vestigial, piddling, trivial, scarce, and exiguous. With this comprehensive list of synonyms for “little”, you can easily find the perfect word to fit your writing needs.