1. Refuse
2. Garbage
3. Rubbish
4. Debris
5. Waste
6. Junk
7. Detritus
8. Discards
9. Rejects
10. Scraps
11. Residue
12. Droppings
13. Sweepings
14. Clutter
15. Castoffs
16. Offal
17. Leavings
18. Trashes
19. Remnants
20. Rejectamenta
21. Discards
22. Flotsam
23. Jetsam
24. Castaways
25. Trash
26. Dross
27. Cast-outs
28. Spillage
29. Sweepings
30. Fodder

Looking for a synonym for the word «litter»? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we have compiled the best ideas for other words for «litter». Whether you’re searching for a more formal alternative or an informal slang term, this list has it all. From «refuse» to «fodder», you’ll find a variety of synonyms that are sure to fit your needs. Don’t let the task of finding the right word for «litter» get you down. This comprehensive list of synonyms will help you find just the right word.