1. Petrology
2. Stratigraphy
3. Rock Science
4. Rock Study
5. Rock Analysis
6. Rock Description
7. Rock Classification
8. Rock Characterization
9. Mineralogy
10. Mineral Analysis
11. Mineralogy Study
12. Geology
13. Geological Study
14. Sedimentology
15. Sediment Analysis
16. Sediment Description
17. Sediment Characterization
18. Sediment Study
19. Soil Analysis
20. Soil Description
21. Soil Characterization
22. Soil Study
23. Earth Science
24. Earth Study
25. Earth Analysis
26. Earth Characterization
27. Earth Description
28. Geoscience
29. Geoscience Study
30. Geoscience Analysis

Are you searching for synonyms for the word «Lithology»? There are a variety of words that can be used to describe the study of rocks and minerals. Petrology, stratigraphy, rock science, rock study, rock analysis, rock description, rock classification, rock characterization, mineralogy, mineral analysis, mineralogy study, geology, geological study, sedimentology, sediment analysis, sediment description, sediment characterization, sediment study, soil analysis, soil description, soil characterization, soil study, earth science, earth study, earth analysis, earth characterization, earth description, geoscience, geoscience study, and geoscience analysis are all excellent ideas for words that can be used to describe lithology.