1. Directly
2. Progressively
3. Uninterruptedly
4. In sequence
5. In a row
6. In step
7. In a chain
8. In a line
9. Unidirectionally
10. In order
11. Systematically
12. Sequentially
13. In a series
14. In progression
15. Step by step
16. Unremittingly
17. Smoothly
18. In succession
19. Unbrokenly
20. Unfalteringly
21. Unintermittently
22. In a stream
23. In a continuous manner
24. In a direct manner
25. In an orderly manner
26. In a regular manner
27. In a row
28. In a straight manner
29. In a unidirectional manner
30. Unswervingly

When looking for the best ideas for ways to express something linearly, there are many synonyms to choose from. Whether you need to describe a progression, a sequence, or an uninterrupted chain of events, there are many other words for linear that can help you express your ideas clearly and effectively. From words like directly and progressively, to phrases like step by step and in a row, there is a wide range of synonyms that can help you get your point across. Whether you need to describe a linear action or the progression of an idea, finding the right synonym can help you express your thoughts more precisely and accurately.