Synonyms for «Lilies»:

1. Callas
2. Daylilies
3. Tiger lilies
4. Stargazer lilies
5. Water lilies
6. Peruvian lilies
7. Easter lilies
8. Japanese lilies
9. Asiatic lilies
10. Wood lilies
11. Casablanca lilies
12. Trumpet lilies
13. Oriental lilies
14. Rubrum lilies
15. Madonna lilies
16. Stargazer lilies
17. Stargazer oriental lilies
18. Star Gazer Asiatic lilies
19. Alstroemeria
20. Lilium
21. Amaryllis
22. Freesia
23. Gladiolus
24. Hyacinth
25. Daffodils
26. Carnations
27. Crocus
28. Dahlias
29. Iris
30. Ranunculus

When you’re looking for another word for lilies, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a classic calla lily, a fragrant Easter lily, or a show-stopping Oriental lily, there’s a variety of options to choose from. Daylilies, tiger lilies, and Peruvian lilies are just a few of the best options available. Other popular varieties include Asiatic lilies, wood lilies, Casablanca lilies, and trumpet lilies. For something a bit more unique, consider a Stargazer lily, Stargazer Oriental lily, or Star Gazer Asiatic lily. Other great ideas include alstroemeria, lilium, amaryllis, freesia, gladiolus, hyacinth, daffodils, carnations, crocus, dahlias, iris, and ranunculus.