1. Illumination
2. Radiance
3. Glow
4. Brightness
5. Effulgence
6. Glare
7. Shine
8. Illumine
9. Flash
10. Coruscation
11. Spark
12. Glimmer
13. Flare
14. Luminescence
15. Scintillation
16. Glint
17. Gleam
18. Beam
19. Sparkle
20. Fluorescence
21. Incandescence
22. Dazzle
23. Lumen
24. Luminosity
25. Refulgence
26. Splendor
27. Brilliance
28. Candescence
29. Glister
30. Irradiance

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms of the word “LIGHT”, there are a variety of options available. From the simple, such as “illumination” and “radiance”, to the more complex, such as “glare” and “effulgence”, there is no shortage of other words for this term. Whether you are looking for a more basic synonym or a more sophisticated one, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, if you are looking for a more creative option, you can explore “scintillation”, “fluorescence”, or “candescence”. No matter what your purpose is, there are a variety of synonyms for “LIGHT” that can help you express your ideas in a more meaningful way.