1. Inanimate
2. Torpid
3. Lethargic
4. Quiescent
5. Inoperable
6. Dull
7. Unresponsive
8. Unmoving
9. Inert
10. Soulless
11. Unanimated
12. Stagnant
13. Apathetic
14. Insipid
15. Motionless
16. Inanimate
17. Sluggish
18. Unenthusiastic
19. Unvital
20. Dormant
21. Comatose
22. Dead
23. Inactive
24. Anesthetic
25. Dormant
26. Unanimated
27. Unresponsive
28. Unliving
29. Unemotional
30. Unenergetic

When searching for words that are synonymous with the term “lifeless”, there are a variety of ideas to consider. The best synonyms for “lifeless” include inanimate, torpid, lethargic, quiescent, inoperable, dull, unresponsive, unmoving, inert, soulless, unanimated, stagnant, apathetic, insipid, motionless, sluggish, unenthusiastic, unvital, dormant, comatose, dead, inactive, anesthetic, unanimated, unresponsive, unliving, unemotional, and unenergetic. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, allowing for a more precise description of the concept of “lifelessness”. Whether you are writing a creative piece or a professional document, these words provide a variety of other words for “lifeless” to help you find the best fit for your project.