1. Archives
2. Reading Rooms
3. Repositories
4. Study Halls
5. Collection Centers
6. Resource Centers
7. Study Centers
8. Knowledge Centers
9. Information Centers
10. Museums
11. Vaults
12. Libraries of Knowledge
13. Archives of Books
14. Centers of Learning
15. Centers of Wisdom
16. Halls of Reflection
17. Halls of Records
18. Halls of Knowledge
19. Reading Houses
20. Learning Centers
21. Study Houses
22. Knowledge Houses
23. Information Houses
24. Data Banks
25. Data Stores
26. Data Vaults
27. Memory Banks
28. Memory Stores
29. Memory Vaults
30. Memory Libraries

Searching for synonyms for the word “Libraries” can be a challenging task. It’s important to find words that accurately capture the meaning of the original word, while still being creative and interesting. Fortunately, there are many great ideas for synonyms for “Libraries”. From archives to vaults, there are countless other words that can be used to refer to a library. Some of the best ideas include reading rooms, repositories, study halls, collection centers, and resource centers. Whether you’re writing a research paper or simply looking for a new way to refer to a library, these synonyms are sure to help.