1. Link
2. Connection
3. Bond
4. Intermediary
5. Agent
6. Mediator
7. Messenger
8. Go-between
9. Coordinator
10. Representative
11. Interconnect
12. Correlate
13. Network
14. Bridge
15. Linkage
16. Contact
17. Channel
18. Arranger
19. Synchronizer
20. Facilitator
21. Negotiator
22. Conduit
23. Messenger
24. Interaction
25. Interlock
26. Synapse
27. Junction
28. Nexus
29. Union
30. Attachment

When searching for other words for the term “liaison”, many ideas come to mind. Best of all, there are plenty of synonyms that can be used to express the same concept. Some of the most popular synonyms include link, connection, bond, intermediary, agent, mediator, messenger, go-between, coordinator, representative, interconnect, correlate, network, bridge, linkage, contact, channel, arranger, synchronizer, facilitator, negotiator, conduit, interaction, interlock, synapse, junction, nexus, union, and attachment. All of these words can be used to express the same concept of a liaison, and can be used interchangeably in a variety of contexts.