1. Accountable
2. Responsible
3. Obligated
4. Bound
5. Blameworthy
6. Condemnable
7. Amenable
8. Susceptible
9. Compelled
10. Obliged
11. Chargeable
12. Guilt-ridden
13. Indebted
14. Open to censure
15. Obligated
16. Open to blame
17. Open to accusation
18. Open to criticism
19. Open to fault
20. Open to reproach
21. Open to rebuke
22. Open to reprimand
23. Open to recrimination
24. Open to penalty
25. Open to indictment
26. Open to censure
27. Open to accusation
28. Open to liability
29. Susceptible to blame
30. Susceptible to responsibility

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