1. Vocabulary
2. Terminology
3. Lingo
4. Verbal
5. Dialect
6. Jargon
7. Phraseology
8. Idiom
9. Slang
10. Parlance
11. Expressions
12. Language
13. Speech
14. Wordage
15. Verbiage
16. Vocables
17. Locution
18. Nomenclature
19. Pronunciation
20. Utterance
21. Discourse
22. Elocution
23. Etymology
24. Cant
25. Verve
26. Vernacular
27. Colloquy
28. Inflection
29. Accent
30. Phonology

Finding the best synonyms for the word lexical can be a challenge. It is important to consider the context of the word and the connotations associated with it. Synonyms for lexical can range from the more formal vocabulary to the more casual slang. Some of the most common synonyms for lexical include terminology, lingo, verbal, dialect, jargon, phraseology, idiom, and slang. Other words for lexical can include expressions, language, speech, wordage, verbiage, vocables, locution, nomenclature, pronunciation, utterance, discourse, elocution, etymology, cant, verve, vernacular, colloquy, inflection, accent, and phonology. With so many different synonyms available, it can be hard to choose the best one to use. Consider the context of the word and the tone of the writing to ensure the most appropriate synonym is chosen.