1. Diminished
2. Fewer
3. Inferior
4. Inadequate
5. Reduced
6. Scarce
7. Sparse
8. Substandard
9. Subtracted
10. Weakened
11. Deficient
12. Not enough
13. Minor
14. Inferior
15. Not as much
16. Scant
17. Few
18. Not nearly
19. Not quite
20. Insufficient
21. Unsatisfactory
22. Incomplete
23. Not up to par
24. Poor
25. Short
26. Inexact
27. Inaccurate
28. Abbreviated
29. Lacking
30. Defective

When looking for synonyms of the word «less», it is important to find the best ideas and other words that accurately express the same meaning. Whether you are writing a paper, creating a presentation, or simply trying to find a new way to say something, having a variety of synonyms for «less» is a great way to diversify your language. Some of the best synonyms for «less» include diminished, fewer, inferior, inadequate, reduced, scarce, sparse, substandard, subtracted, weakened, deficient, not enough, minor, not as much, scant, few, not nearly, not quite, insufficient, unsatisfactory, incomplete, not up to par, poor, short, inexact, inaccurate, abbreviated, lacking, and defective. With this comprehensive list of synonyms, you can easily find the perfect word to express your meaning.