1. Marxist
2. Bolshevik
3. Collectivist
4. Communist
5. Revolutionary
6. Proletarian
7. Dialectic
8. Marxist-Leninist
9. Internationalist
10. Materialist
11. Autocrat
12. Dictator
13. Totalitarian
14. Authoritarian
15. Proletarianism
16. Socialist
17. Stalinist
18. Utopian
19. Anarchist
20. Proletariat
21. Oppressor
22. Collectivism
23. Proletarianization
24. Syndicalist
25. Syndicalism
26. Radial
27. Syndical
28. Red
29. Leftist
30. Socialist Revolutionaries

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «LENINIST»? Whether you need to find other words for a school assignment or to broaden your vocabulary, this list of synonyms for «LENINIST» will provide you with the best ideas. From «Marxist» and «Bolshevik» to «Collectivist» and «Communist», this list of 30 synonyms for «LENINIST» provides a wide range of words with similar meanings. Whether you are looking for words that describe a political ideology or a revolutionary movement, this list has you covered. Other words for «LENINIST» include «Proletarian», «Dialectic», and «Marxist-Leninist». With this comprehensive list of synonyms for «LENINIST», you will never be at a loss for words.