1. Authentic
2. Valid
3. Genuine
4. Official
5. Real
6. Proper
7. Rightful
8. Lawful
9. True
10. Just
11. Acceptable
12. Veritable
13. Legitimate
14. Credible
15. Kosher
16. Right
17. Respectable
18. Properly
19. Sound
20. Trustworthy
21. Verified
22. Endorsed
23. Legit
24. Creditable
25. Accurate
26. Established
27. Enduring
28. Veracious
29. Recognized
30. Legally binding

Finding the right words to use in a document can be a challenge. Whether you are writing for business or pleasure, having a list of synonyms for the word legitimate can help you find the best ideas for expressing yourself. Synonyms for legitimate include authentic, valid, genuine, official, real, proper, rightful, lawful, true, just, acceptable, veritable, credible, kosher, right, respectable, properly, sound, trustworthy, verified, endorsed, legit, creditable, accurate, established, enduring, veracious, recognized, and legally binding. Using these words can help you make sure your document is clear and concise. With these synonyms, you can ensure that your writing is legitimate and that your message is understood.