1. Assembly
2. Council
3. Parliament
4. Congress
5. Synod
6. Diet
7. Convocation
8. Cortes
9. Estates
10. Senate
11. House of Representatives
12. Chamber
13. Diet
14. Diets
15. Synod
16. Synods
17. Convocation
18. Convocations
19. Estates
20. Council of State
21. Council of Ministers
22. Council of Elders
23. National Assembly
24. Grand Council
25. Diet of Worms
26. National Council
27. Great Council
28. Jurisdiction
29. Jurisdictions
30. Synod of Dort

When searching for alternative words for the term «legislature», it is important to consider the best ideas and options available. Synonyms for legislature include assembly, council, parliament, congress, synod, diet, convocation, cortes, estates, senate, house of representatives, chamber, diet, diets, synod, synods, convocation, convocations, estates, council of state, council of ministers, council of elders, national assembly, grand council, diet of worms, national council, great council, jurisdiction, jurisdictions, and synod of dort. Each of these words offers a unique way to refer to the same concept, providing a variety of options to choose from.