1. Parasite
2. Siphon
3. Tap
4. Bloodsucker
5. Sponge
6. Leecher
7. Sucker
8. Sponger
9. Predator
10. Plunderer
11. Usurper
12. Sapsucker
13. Vamp
14. Taker
15. Drainer
16. Moocher
17. Free-loader
18. Scrounger
19. Sponge
20. Bloodletter
21. Intruder
22. Depredator
23. Ravager
24. Ransacker
25. Extortioner
26. Raider
27. Marauder
28. Devourer
29. Harvester
30. Glutton

When looking for the best ideas and words to describe something, it is essential to consider synonyms. Synonyms for the word «leech» can be used to describe a person or entity that takes advantage of another, without giving anything in return. Parasite, siphon, tap, bloodsucker, sponge, leecher, sucker, sponger, predator, plunderer, usurper, sapsucker, vamp, taker, drainer, moocher, free-loader, scrounger, sponge, bloodletter, intruder, depredator, ravager, ransacker, extortioner, raider, marauder, devourer, harvester, and glutton are all words that can be used in place of the word «leech» to describe someone or something that takes without giving back. Using synonyms like these can help to make writing more creative and interesting, while still conveying the same message.