1. Tilt
2. Inclination
3. Slant
4. Listing
5. Pitch
6. Slope
7. Cant
8. Obliquity
9. Plunge
10. Declivity
11. Dip
12. Lean
13. Tilt
14. Crook
15. Slouch
16. Swerve
17. Swag
18. Bow
19. Bend
20. Bank
21. Heel
22. Skew
23. Heave
24. Droop
25. Lurch
26. Swoop
27. Crouch
28. Askew
29. Slump
30. Sway

For those looking for synonyms for the word ‘leaning’, there are many ideas to explore. From tilt and inclination to list and pitch, there are a variety of words that can be used to describe this action. Other words for ‘leaning’ include slant, slope, cant, obliquity, plunge, declivity, dip, lean, tilt, crook, slouch, swerve, swag, bow, bend, bank, heel, skew, heave, droop, lurch, swoop, crouch, askew, slump, and sway. These are just a few of the best ideas when it comes to finding synonyms for the word ‘leaning’.