1. Kilogram
2. Kilograms
3. Kg
4. Kilos
5. Weight
6. Heaviness
7. Mass
8. Pound
9. Pounds
10. Lbs
11. Load
12. Bulk
13. Ton
14. Tons
15. Measure
16. Quantify
17. Estimate
18. Calculate
19. Weigh
20. Balance
21. Bulkiness
22. Gravitas
23. Gravitation
24. Gravity
25. Heft
26. Measurability
27. Quantification
28. Substantiality
29. Substantiation
30. Volume

When looking for the best ideas and other words for «LB», there are many options to choose from. Synonyms for «LB» can include kilogram, kilograms, kg, kilos, weight, heaviness, mass, pound, pounds, lbs, load, bulk, ton, tons, measure, quantify, estimate, calculate, weigh, balance, bulkiness, gravitas, gravitation, gravity, heft, measurability, quantification, substantiality, substantiation, and volume. These words can be used to accurately describe the weight of an object, and can be used interchangeably to ensure the correct measurement is taken. Whether you are looking for a more technical term or a more casual phrase, these synonyms for «LB» can help you find the best word to suit your needs.