1. Rules
2. Regulations
3. Codes
4. Statutes
5. Precepts
6. Ordinances
7. Mandates
8. Canons
9. Decrees
10. Directives
11. Edicts
12. Principles
13. Norms
14. Provisions
15. By-laws
16. Standards
17. Guidelines
18. Conventions
19. Precedents
20. Acts
21. Commandments
22. Statutes
23. Conditions
24. Prohibitions
25. Dictates
26. Instructions
27. Decisions
28. Judgments
29. Injunctions
30. Proclamations

Looking for synonyms for the word “laws”? You’ve come to the right place! Here we have compiled the best ideas for other words for laws, including rules, regulations, codes, statutes, precepts, ordinances, mandates, canons, decrees, directives, edicts, principles, norms, provisions, by-laws, standards, guidelines, conventions, precedents, acts, commandments, statutes, conditions, prohibitions, dictates, instructions, decisions, judgments, injunctions, and proclamations. Whether you need to find another word for laws for a writing project, for a school assignment, or for any other purpose, you’ll be sure to find the perfect synonym here.