1. Magma
2. Molten Rock
3. Igneous Rock
4. Glowing Magma
5. Pyroclastic Material
6. Basalt
7. Hot Ash
8. Molten Rock
9. Flowing Magma
10. Lava Flow
11. Molten Stone
12. Magmatic Material
13. Glowing Rock
14. Volcanic Ash
15. Magma Stream
16. Volcanic Material
17. Molten Lava
18. Molten Magma
19. Hot Rock
20. Flowing Lava
21. Igneous Material
22. Flowing Stone
23. Glowing Lava
24. Molten Material
25. Volcanic Rock
26. Hot Magma
27. Magmatic Rock
28. Molten Stream
29. Flowing Ash
30. Glowing Ash

Finding the right synonym for the word “lava” can be difficult, especially when you need to find a variety of words to describe the same thing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. From magma and molten rock to basalt and volcanic ash, there are many different words to describe the same phenomenon. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or just other words for lava, these synonyms can help you find the right word for your project. With these 30 synonyms for lava, you’ll be able to express yourself accurately and precisely in any situation.