Synonyms for Laundry:

1. Wash
2. Cleaning
3. Washing
4. Lave
5. Rinse
6. Soak
7. Ironing
8. Scrub
9. Launder
10. Sanitize
11. Purify
12. Refresh
13. Freshen
14. Whiten
15. Detergent
16. Bleach
17. Suds
18. Soapy
19. Wring
20. Rinse Cycle
21. Fabric Care
22. Dry Cleaning
23. Steam Cleaning
24. Wipe Down
25. Wash Cycle
26. Dry Cycle
27. Soap Suds
28. Mop Up
29. Soak Cycle
30. Hot Water Wash

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