1. Grid
2. Grille
3. Network
4. Web
5. Mesh
6. Trellis
7. Grating
8. Crosshatch
9. Interweave
10. Pattern
11. Framework
12. Openwork
13. Checkerboard
14. Crisscross
15. Perforated
16. Interlaced
17. Overlay
18. Intercross
19. Tracery
20. Filigree
21. Gossamer
22. Honeycomb
23. Lace
24. Reticulation
25. Treillage
26. Lacework
27. Connected
28. Linked
29. Coalesced
30. Interlocked

When it comes to finding the best words and ideas to describe a lattice, there are many synonyms to choose from. A lattice is a structure of crossed wooden or metal strips that form a pattern of squares or diamonds. Some common synonyms for lattice include grid, grille, network, web, mesh, trellis, grating, crosshatch, interweave, pattern, framework, openwork, checkerboard, crisscross, perforated, interlaced, overlay, intercross, tracery, filigree, gossamer, honeycomb, lace, reticulation, treillage, lacework, connected, linked, coalesced, and interlocked. Each of these words provides a different way to describe the same structure, allowing you to find the perfect word for any situation.