1. Long
2. Prolonged
3. Extended
4. Lengthy
5. Drawn-out
6. Prodigious
7. Far-reaching
8. Stretched
9. Expansive
10. Protrusive
11. Elongated
12. Lengthened
13. Prolongate
14. Prolongation
15. Unwinding
16. Sprawling
17. Straggling
18. Teeming
19. Unabridged
20. Unconstrained
21. Unrestricted
22. Unconfined
23. Limitless
24. Interminable
25. Unending
26. Unceasing
27. Unstinting
28. Unabating
29. Unmitigated
30. Uninterrupted

Searching for synonyms for the word “Lange” can help you find the best ideas for expressing your thoughts and ideas. Whether you’re looking to write a book, a blog post, or a poem, having a wide range of synonyms can help you convey your message more effectively. Some of the best synonyms for “Lange” include long, prolonged, extended, lengthy, drawn-out, prodigious, far-reaching, stretched, expansive, protrusive, elongated, lengthened, prolongate, prolongation, unwinding, sprawling, straggling, teeming, unabridged, unconstrained, unrestricted, unconfined, limitless, interminable, unending, unceasing, unstinting, unabating, unmitigated, and uninterrupted. With these 30 synonyms, you’ll have a great range of words to choose from when writing your next masterpiece.