1. Proprietors
2. Landlords
3. Estate owners
4. Gentry
5. Nobility
6. Aristocracy
7. Land magnates
8. Land barons
9. Freeholders
10. Squires
11. Patrons
12. Feudal lords
13. Tenants-in-chief
14. Yeomanry
15. Possessors
16. Possessors of estates
17. Lords of the manor
18. Feudal landlords
19. Landholders
20. Landlords of the soil
21. Manorial lords
22. Landed gentry
23. Landed proprietors
24. Estate holders
25. Allodial owners
26. Landed proprietaries
27. Landed aristocrats
28. Landed magnates
29. Landed nobility
30. Landed squires

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