1. Recognized
2. Acknowledged
3. Understood
4. Familiar
5. Noted
6. Experienced
7. Informed
8. Apprised
9. Aware
10. Accepted
11. Perceived
12. Cognizant
13. Notorious
14. Public
15. Popular
16. Comprehended
17. Reputed
18. Conversant
19. Noteworthy
20. Notifiable
21. Conversant
22. Notified
23. Sensed
24. Grasped
25. Acquainted
26. Notifiable
27. Apt
28. Registered
29. Familiarized
30. Expert

If you are looking for different ways to express the concept of «known,» there are many synonyms available to choose from. Ideas such as «recognized,» «acknowledged,» «understood,» and «familiar» are all excellent ways to express this concept. Other words for «known» include «noted,» «experienced,» «informed,» and «apprised,» which all carry the same meaning. The best options to choose from are «notorious,» «public,» and «popular,» which all connote a greater level of knowledge or understanding. Additionally, «comprehended,» «reputed,» «conversant,» and «noteworthy» are all great synonyms for «known.» Ultimately, there are many synonyms for «known» that can be used to effectively communicate the concept.