1. Cognizant
2. Aware
3. Apprised
4. Informed
5. Conscious
6. Educated
7. Acquainted
8. Let in on
9. Sensed
10. Perceived
11. Experienced
12. Realized
13. Grasped
14. Understood
15. Recognized
16. Grasped
17. Discerned
18. Mindful
19. Cognizant of
20. Attuned
21. Adept
22. Astute
23. In the know
24. Savvy
25. Clued up
26. Up to speed
27. On the ball
28. In the picture
29. In the loop
30. Enlightened

Looking for synonyms for the word «knew»? You’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find the best ideas for different words for «knew», from cognizant to enlightened. Whether you’re writing a paper, preparing a presentation, or crafting a creative piece, these synonyms for «knew» will help you find just the right word. From the more formal cognizant and apprised to the more informal clued up and in the loop, you’ll have plenty of other words for «knew» to choose from. So don’t get stuck using the same word over and over again — explore the list of synonyms for «knew» and find the perfect word for your project.