1. Kilometres
2. Kilometers
3. Mileage
4. Measurement
5. Meters
6. Length
7. Distance
8. Range
9. Span
10. Stretch
11. Scope
12. Interval
13. Extension
14. Amplitude
15. Breadth
16. Amplitude
17. Size
18. Capacity
19. Dimension
20. Magnitude
21. Proportion
22. Scope
23. Span
24. Stretch
25. Extension
26. Amplitude
27. Breadth
28. Range
29. Interval
30. Measure

When trying to find the best ideas for expressing distance, it is important to understand the various synonyms for the word “KM”. Synonyms for “KM” include “kilometres”, “kilometers”, “mileage”, “measurement”, “meters”, “length”, “distance”, “range”, “span”, “stretch”, “scope”, “interval”, “extension”, “amplitude”, “breadth”, “size”, “capacity”, “dimension”, “magnitude”, “proportion”, and “measure”. Using these synonyms can provide a more accurate description of the distance between two points. For instance, if one is looking to describe the distance between two cities, they could use the synonym “span” to accurately express the distance. Additionally, other synonyms such as “extension”, “amplitude”, and “breadth” could be used to provide a more detailed description of the distance. With a variety of synonyms for “KM”, it is easy to find the best ideas for expressing distance.