1. Galley
2. Larder
3. Pantry
4. Cook room
5. Mess
6. Cuisine
7. Hearth
8. Hearthroom
9. Scullery
10. Bakehouse
11. Cookery
12. Spence
13. Cookshop
14. Cookroom
15. Cookery-room
16. Cook-room
17. Kitchenette
18. Steward’s room
19. Buttery
20. Grease-room
21. Kitchen-office
22. Kitchen-laboratory
23. Kitchen-parlor
24. Kitchen-study
25. Kitchen-closet
26. Kitchen-drawer
27. Kitchen-cupboard
28. Kitchen-wardrobe
29. Kitchen-safe
30. Kitchen-bookcase

Searching for the best ideas and other words for kitchen? Look no further! This list of 30 synonyms for kitchen provides a great starting point for exploring the many different ways to refer to this important room in your home. From the classic galley to the more modern kitchenette, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a more formal option like cuisine or a more informal option like mess, you can find the perfect word for your needs. With this list of synonyms for kitchen, you can easily find the perfect way to refer to this important space in your home.