1. Ignited
2. Lit
3. Enkindled
4. Fanned
5. Aroused
6. Fuelled
7. Inflamed
8. Heated
9. Stimulated
10. Stirred
11. Spurred
12. Animated
13. Excited
14. Kindled up
15. Fomented
16. Provoked
17. Started
18. Lit up
19. Fanned up
20. Animated
21. Inculcated
22. Wakened
23. Blazed
24. Fired
25. Sparked
26. Fanned the flames
27. Inflamed passions
28. Aroused emotions
29. Stirred feelings
30. Spurred into action

If you are looking for synonyms for the word «kindled», you have come to the right place. Here, we have compiled a list of the best ideas and other words for kindled. This includes ignited, lit, enkindled, fanned, aroused, fuelled, inflamed, heated, stimulated, stirred, spurred, animated, excited, kindled up, fomented, provoked, started, lit up, fanned up, animated, inculcated, wakened, blazed, fired, sparked, fanned the flames, inflamed passions, aroused emotions, stirred feelings, and spurred into action. With this comprehensive list of synonyms, you are sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs.