1. Validate
2. Uphold
3. Exonerate
4. Vindicate
5. Legitimate
6. Ratify
7. Authenticate
8. Sanction
9. Affirm
10. Substantiate
11. Corroborate
12. Endorse
13. Avow
14. Endorsement
15. Reconcile
16. Certify
17. Sustain
18. Confirm
19. Reaffirm
20. Approve
21. Permit
22. Justification
23. Revalidate
24. Accredit
25. Justify
26. Reasonable
27. Reassure
28. Rationalize
29. Legitimize
30. Establish

When it comes to finding the best ideas for synonyms for the word “justify”, there are a variety of options to choose from. There are many other words for “justify” that can convey the same meaning, such as validate, uphold, exonerate, vindicate, legitimate, ratify, authenticate, sanction, affirm, and substantiate. Additionally, there are words that are related to the concept of “justify”, such as endorsement, reconcile, certify, sustain, confirm, reaffirm, approve, permit, justification, revalidate, accredit, reasonable, reassure, rationalize, legitimize, and establish. All of these words can be used to help explain the concept of “justify” in a variety of contexts.