1. Equity
2. Righteousness
3. Fairness
4. Integrity
5. Impartiality
6. Virtue
7. Honor
8. Morality
9. Decency
10. Legitimacy
11. Lawfulness
12. Retribution
13. Legality
14. Equitableness
15. Uprightness
16. Veracity
17. Rectitude
18. Legitimation
19. Judiciousness
20. Rightness
21. Propriety
22. Legitimacy
23. Objectivity
24. Verity
25. Truthfulness
26. Rectitude
27. Equity
28. Impartialness
29. Justness
30. Rightfulness

When looking for synonyms for the word justice, it is important to have the best ideas and other words in mind. Justice is a concept that is often used in legal and ethical contexts, and can be defined as the quality of being just, fair, and lawful. There are many different words that can be used in place of justice, such as equity, righteousness, fairness, integrity, impartiality, virtue, honor, morality, decency, legitimacy, lawfulness, retribution, legality, equitableness, uprightness, veracity, rectitude, legitimation, judiciousness, rightness, propriety, legitimacy, objectivity, verity, truthfulness, rectitude, equity, impartialness, justness, and rightfulness. All of these words have similar meanings to justice and can be used in place of it.