1. Rider
2. Horseman
3. Horsewoman
4. Jockey-man
5. Jockey-woman
6. Horse-rider
7. Horse-jockey
8. Equestrian
9. Mounted rider
10. Mounted jockey
11. Stable-hand
12. Track rider
13. Track jockey
14. Racing jockey
15. Racing rider
16. Jockeysmith
17. Jockey-smith
18. Horse-trainer
19. Horse-handler
20. Horse-driver
21. Horse-wrangler
22. Horse-tamer
23. Horse-breaker
24. Horse-jogger
25. Horse-rider-jockey
26. Horse-rider-man
27. Horse-rider-woman
28. Horse-rider-person
29. Horse-rider-jockey-person
30. Horse-rider-professional

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