Synonyms for «Jackets»:

1. Covering
2. Outerwear
3. Windbreaker
4. Garment
5. Coat
6. Wrapper
7. Overcoat
8. Blazer
9. Cloak
10. Cape
11. Poncho
12. Jerkin
13. Anorak
14. Parka
15. Trench coat
16. Cardigan
17. Bolero
18. Jumper
19. Blouson
20. Vest
21. Spencers
22. Tabard
23. Smock
24. Waistcoat
25. Peacoat
26. Bomber
27. Shearling
28. Gilet
29. Raincoat
30. Reversible

When looking for the best ideas for synonyms for the word «Jackets», there are a variety of words and phrases to choose from. For example, some of the most common synonyms include «covering», «outerwear», and «windbreaker». Other words for jackets include «coat», «wrapper», «overcoat», and «blazer». Additionally, there are more unique words such as «poncho», «jerkin», and «anorak». For more formal settings, words like «blouson», «vest», and «spencers» may be appropriate. Finally, for more casual settings, words like «bomber», «shearling», and «gilet» could be used. No matter what the occasion, there are plenty of other words for jackets that can be used to express the same idea.