Synonyms for Issuing:
1. Disbursing
2. Dispensing
3. Distributing
4. Allotting
5. Granting
6. Bestowing
7. Meting out
8. Allocating
9. Liberating
10. Releasing
11. Furnishing
12. Letting out
13. Circulating
14. Transmitting
15. Conveying
16. Utilizing
17. Consigning
18. Administering
19. Handing out
20. Delivering
21. Proffering
22. Discharging
23. Yielding
24. Transmitting
25. Endowing
26. Vouchsafing
27. Supplying
28. Spreading
29. Emitting
30. Yielding

Searching for synonyms for the word “issuing” can help diversify your vocabulary and give you ideas to express yourself better. Whether you’re looking for other words for “issuing” or just want to expand your understanding of the English language, this list of synonyms can provide you with the best ideas. Examples such as disbursing, dispensing, distributing, and allotting are all synonyms for “issuing” that can help you express yourself more accurately and precisely. With this comprehensive list of 30 synonyms, you can easily find the perfect word to suit your needs.