1. Promised Land
2. Holy Land
3. Zion
4. Land of Milk and Honey
5. Land of the Bible
6. Land of the Prophets
7. Land of the Patriarchs
8. Land of the Jews
9. Land of the Israelites
10. Land of the Covenant
11. Country of David
12. Country of Solomon
13. Land of Canaan
14. Land of Promise
15. Land of Milk and Honey
16. Land of the Jews
17. Land of the Hebrews
18. Land of the Chosen People
19. Land of the Twelve Tribes
20. Land of the Tribes of Israel
21. Land of the Star of David
22. Land of the Two Rivers
23. Land of the Jordan
24. Land of the Red Sea
25. Land of the Mediterranean
26. Land of the Dead Sea
27. Land of the Golan Heights
28. Land of the West Bank
29. Land of the Gaza Strip
30. Land of Milk and Honey

When looking for alternative words for “Israel”, it is important to consider the many different names and titles that have been used to describe this country throughout its history. The best ideas for synonyms for “Israel” include “Promised Land”, “Holy Land”, “Zion”, “Land of Milk and Honey”, “Land of the Bible”, “Land of the Prophets”, and “Land of the Patriarchs”. Other words for “Israel” include “Country of David”, “Country of Solomon”, “Land of Canaan”, “Land of Promise”, “Land of the Jews”, “Land of the Hebrews”, “Land of the Chosen People”, and “Land of the Twelve Tribes”. Other synonyms for “Israel” include “Land of the Two Rivers”, “Land of the Jordan”, “Land of the Red Sea”, “Land of the Mediterranean”, “Land of the Dead Sea”, “Land of the Golan Heights”, “Land of the West Bank”, and “Land of the Gaza Strip”. All of these synonyms for “Israel” are excellent ideas to consider when looking for alternative words for this country.